District Elder James C. Brewer was born on May 29, 1948 in NYC. He was born again at the Temple of Christ Church in Fairmount, West Virginia, where he repented of his sins and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and three days later he received the gift of the Holy Ghost in August of 1962 and a prophetic utterance that he had been ordained for ministry. 

In September of 1962, he returned to New York City and became a member of the Kings Chapel Assembly from 1962-1976 under the ministry of Bishop Thomas Streitferdt. It was there that Elder Brewer served as Junior Deacon, head of Evangelism, head of the printing department, head of the men’s ministry, vice president of the young people’s department, member of the cooking staff where he held his own amongst professional chefs.  He was a choir member, and song leader for Sunday services. He also sat on the official ministerial board of the church. He was noted for being one of the “Metropolitan Singers” who were recognized on the East Coast for their melodic sound. 

It was June of 1976 when Elder James C. Brewer was installed as Pastor of Morningstar Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic Faith, P.A.W. by Bishop Thomas Streitferdt. The Church has had many trials and tests but through it all our pastor and church has remained steadfast. We were charged by Pastor Willa Mae Gibbson that this is the Mother Church, “Don’t Let the Mother Go Down!”  It is with God’s help that our pastor has kept this charge. 

Three years ago he was instructed to become a father to those God had put in his care. Further instructions came the next year to pour in water and pour out wine. With this vision and the help of our Assistant Pastor, the church saw the need to train young men and women in ministry. Our pastor has endeavored to teach us the ministry of deliverance, prophetic ministry, and spiritual gifts. His main focus is to help to build up the saints, for it is his perception that we have to produce ministers who are both gifted and are possessor of the character of Jesus Christ.    

Our pastor has also served as Suffragan Bishop in the Eastern Caribbean Council under the direction of Bishop Leo C. Smith, Diocesan.

Our pastor currently serves as the Chairman and Coordinator for the New Jersey District Council(NJDC). He also serves as District Bishop over District # 3 of the NJDC PAW, Inc. It is by God’s grace that he has come to this point of fathership, pastorship and leadership in the lives of the saints of Morningstar.