Vice Chair
District Elder Leon Kornegay grew up in the city of Newark. At the age of fourteen he started sniffing glue and carbona to get high. At the age of fifteen he started taking pills, ceba, codeine, seconal, tumenial, and began to drink cough syrup to increase his high. Then at the age of seventeen he began what was called on the streets “mainlining” (shooting heroin) in his arms, hands or wherever he could find a good vein.
 Leon attended Claflin University in South Carolina for a year, and then transferred to Monmouth University in New Jersey for three years yet continued to get high during his college years. He was a member of the Nation of Islam calling on Allah who he thought was God, yet still shooting drugs.  There were times when he got sick and tired of the drug life and prayed to Allah and said he wasn’t going to do drugs anymore, but he didn’t have a true God In his life that could deliver him, and as he often says…. “Set me Free.” Eventually this path led to the downward spiral which caused him to lose a good job at General Motors, his car was repossessed and was left without a penny to his name.
At the age of twenty-seven, a young lady came by his mother’s house to visit his aunt and began to witness to him about the Lord Jesus Christ & how Jesus could deliver and keep him.  She invited him to Faith Temple New Hope Church and he decided to go to the New Years Eve service in 1979. The guest preacher was the late Bishop William Abney from Grand Rapids, MI. The preacher asked if there was anybody in the house that wanted to change their life.  Leon immediately ran down to the altar and was baptized in Jesus name.  He never went to a detox center, no AA, or twelve step program.  He made one step and that was into the House of the Lord…TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
The week that he was filled with the Holy Ghost, he was re-instated at General Motors and bought a brand new car. Restoration had started on his behalf.
Later he joined the Emmanuel Church of Christ and was a member there for eighteen years under the pastorate of the late Bishop James Churchwell.  Leon found his good thing at the Emmanuel Church of Christ and married the love of his life Sandra in 1981. He is blessed with two sons, a daughter-n-law and four grandchildren. 
In 2000 Bishop Churchwell sent Elder Leon Kornegay to Living Water Pentecostal Church in Rahway, NJ as the Interim Pastor. On July 1, 2000 the members elected him as the permanent Pastor.
At Emmanuel Church of Christ he served as the Men’s Ministry president for nine years. He also served as the New Jersey District Council Men’s Ministry President for twelve years and the Youth President for three years.  He is so proud to serve as the Vice Chairman of this great Council.
In addition, District Elder Kornegay is a graduate of Aenon Bible Institute that was located at the Faith Temple New Hope Church in East Orange, NJ. Also a graduate of Eastern Bible institute at the Christian Pentecostal Church in Irvington, NJ.
Pastor Kornegays favorite message to the body of Christ is “SET FREE STAY FREE.” God did it for HIM and God can do the same for you!