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G. T. Haywood - Course Announcement We are pleased to announce the following workshops for the April 2016 Council session. There are no course fees for these sessions. A free will offering is requested.

FRIDAY - April 15, 2016 Time: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Christian Education: Teachers and Superintendents Workshop
Workshop Presenters: Evangelist Doretha Moody and Elder Derrick Carter
SYNOPSIS: Attending this course will provide you valuable tools and updated information to assist you in creating, managing and maintaining an exciting and challenging Christian Education program.


FRIDAY - April 15, 2016 Time: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Bible Study Teachers Workshop
Workshop Presenter: Elder Derrick Carter
SYNOPSIS: Teaching is a major part of our building up of this Saints. This workshop is designed to provide you tools and techniques to assist you as you prepare to share the word of God.

SATURDAY - April 16, 2016 Time: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Deacon and Deaconess Workshop
Workshop Presenter: Elder Derrick Carter
SYNOPSIS: The Diaconate is a ministry in the Church that is associated with service. Attending this course will provide you with insight and information as to the office and functions of this ministry.


The Bishop G. T Haywood Bible Institute (GTHI) is an affiliated satellite campus of the Aenon Bible College. The Aenon Bible College established in 1941 provides accredited college courses both locally and online.
The academic program for GTHI is designed to assist  students making the transition into the ministry. The goal is to provide core knowledge and understanding concerning the principle elements required in developing an effective ministry. The is will enable  the student to confidently apply and build upon the training and their experience as they prepare for the calling of God upon their life.
GTHI students are prepared to be leaders in their local church and community. They will lead in a global society and are challenged by a dedicated, experienced, and focused faculty, in an evolving technological setting which focuses on a values-centered curriculum.
The school has established 2 annual sessions:
Fall Session:                       January – March
Summer Session:             June -  August
The courses offer
MI 160 – The Pentecostal Deacon
Cost: $ 285.00
The Pentecostal Deacon course is designed to strengthen Pentecostal deacons and pastors as they work together to develop a ministry to reach the lost and to encourage believers. The goal of the three month course is to help students:
• Identify the roles of deacons as servants.
• Identify the pastoral role in the selection, training and maintenance of deacons.
• Contribute to the growth and health of the church and its ministries.
• Submit to authority and allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.
• Recognize and carry out their duties as deacons and deaconesses,
MI 166 - Minististerial Introduction
Cost: $ 285.00
The Ministerial Introduction course is designed to develop character and competency in skills for ministry. Though the student will gain knowledge, the emphasis of this course is on growing in Christ-like character and developing practical ministry skills.
OP 366 - Ordaination Preparation
Cost: $ 460.00
The Ordination Preparation course is designed  to prepare men and women for ordination in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), through a series of courses.
Licensing, Credentials and Academic Requirements
In the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), If you are sensing God's call to the ministry, the following three steps will explain how to begin the ordination process:
STEP 1: LOCAL LICENSE (aka council membership or fellowship certificate)
A.   Contact your local pastor and share your desire to respond to God's call upon your life to the oral ministry. You will be expected to be faithful in church at­ tendance and stewardship.
B. Apply for local minister's license or fellowship certificate through your State Council. This step identifies you as a ministerial apprentice working under the direction of your pastor to perform various duties in the local church. Requirements vary in each council for ministers. After holding the local license (council membership) for typically a minimum of one year and experiencing various aspects of ministry, your pastor will determine if you should advance to the next step.
Upon the pastor's recommendation and approval of your district elder, you may proceed to take the Ministerial Introduction (Ml) Course through Aenon Bible College. This course is a minimum requirement to be eligible to apply for your General License with the PAW.
LICENSING is not automatic upon successful completion of the Ml course. You must obtain the general license application from your pastor and submit it to the council office along with your Ml certificate . Once your application is processed by your council it is submitted to the PAW who will issue you an non-ordained li­ cense. Congratulations! Upon completion of this step, you are now an official member of the PAW with all rights and responsibilities.
After holding your general license for one year while continuing to train under your pastor and working in your council, you may advance to seek full credentials. In addition to completing the two previous steps, you must successfully complete the Ordination Preparation (OP) Course through Aenon Bible College. Once you obtain your OP certificate, you must obtain another application from your pastor to apply for ordination. Your OP certificate must accompany your application to be considered for ordination , and your council dues and PAW fees must be current. Councils may impose additional requirements . Final decisions for licensing and ordination rest with the Diocesan of the council.
Completion of the Ministerial Introduction and Ordination Preparation courses are minimum requirements for PAW license and credentials . However, we strongly recommend that the seriously committed minister or teacher continue their higher biblical education through the wide range of courses and programs offered through Aenon Bible College or similar institutions. Please note that in mainline denominations, a Masters in Divinity is considered the entry level degree for full time ministry. Your bible college training and local church training is just a foundation. At the very least, your training should include bible survey courses, other in depth Bible courses, hermeneutics, homiletics, missions, practical theology , and core general studies.
If you are already licensed with a comparable organization ie. PCAF, UPCI, COOLJC. You may apply for a PAW license upon the surrender of your previous license. In the PAW, You may not hold licenses with two organizations simultaneously. However, you may be required to take additional course work at the discretion of your Pastor or Diocesan Bishop.
The Diocesan bishop of the council has the authority to waive certain requirements in rare cases. This is usually done in situations where there is overwhelming evidence of a minister's doctrinal soundness, and experience.